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Making the Miller‘s Ale House Website Easier to Navigate

Good Eats Should Be Easy to Understand

Drinks and eats and lots of TVs… and did I mention lots of eats? For this growing fast casual chain, my key UX challenge was in the information architecture: we had to seperate out their very large menu (even for fast casual) in a way that was easy to navigate while still calling attention to their traffic-driving specials and bar menu.

I lead the initial discovery phase of this project which entailed stakeholder research, requirements gathering, and production phase scoping. I also contributed to information architecture and a smattering of wireframes before largely handing off the project to the team's interaction designer to take the creative work to completion.

Fig. 1: Diagram of the somewhat complex menu taxonomy that was elluding both the stakeholders and agency team
Fig. 2: Top level sitemap
Fig. 2: Interior level sitemap

Full Case Study Coming Soon

In a world cluttered by confusing websites, too-clever apps, and mountains of unnavigable content, ensuring your customer can easily, effectively, and efficiently interact with your digital product makes a very real—and financial—difference.