Hi, I’m Will.

I’m an Okie of WahZheZhe (Osage) heritage now living in Missouri after a near-decade stint in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve used WillPhillips.org as my digital home for almost two decades.

I pay my bills as a user experience researcher and—occasionally and haphazardly—as a voiceover artist. Avocationally, I’m a would-be early modernist and tabletop game designer. Sometimes those two worlds overlap.

UX Research & Strategy

I’m an adept user experience research and product strategy professional who has experience across agency and in-house settings as a manager, solo practitioner, and senior team member.

Dramatic Baritone Voiceovers

Looking for a rich, dramatic male voice for your commercial, narration, or Kickstarter scripts? I’m choosing a helluva time to make a run at VO work in the age of AI. Let’s get to work.

Renaissance History, 1549-1619

Rebels or Beggars

Something of an accidental historical rabbit hole has turned into a burning passion. History, art, & gaming from the Renaissance Netherlands & Europe’s long, late 16th century: 1549-1619.

Tabletop Gaming

I blog, occasionally, about whatever project has my current attention. This sometimes includes rules for tabletop RPGs and wargames that I self-publish on Itch.io.