Creating Better Products – and Product Teams

Specializing in UX, Product Strategy, & Customer Experience

Suppliment Agencies

Allow agencies to offer a continuity of services in times of heavy work or a new, value-adding service to clients outside of the agencies' traditional, existing services.

Help Internal Teams

Provide user research and UX design to support internal teams of developers and visual designers or assist in developing and leading long-term UX best practices.

Consult Businesses

Help business stakeholders improve exisitng digital products or lay a good foundation for proposed ones by discovering users' needs and designing accordingly.

How I Can Improve Your Product

Ensure Ease and Efficiency of Use

User Experience Design and Usability Testing

User Experience (UX) Design ensures the quality of an end user's interaction with a digital product: apps, software, consumer installations, and responsive websites that function well on both a mobile device and large monitor. From the overall scope and steps for a given task to a page's specific layout, concepts are taken from idea to prototype, then tested and optimized to ensure what goes live works based on measurable feedback.

Deliverables and tasks: A/B & multivariate tests, analytics setup and reporting, wireframes and interactive prototypes, user work flows, user interface comps, usability tests, expert heuristic reviews

Create Order Out of Chaos

Information Architecture

Information Arcchitecture (IA) deals with the high level structure of a product's content, particularly in regards to its navigatibility and findability. Of chief importance to complex products such as e-commerce websites and company intranets, good and robust information architecture ensures that a product will be organized in a clear manner, uses language its users will readily understand, and is a blueprint for future site additions and expansions.

Deliverables and tasks: sitemaps & heirarchies, content audits, card sorting, labels & taxonomies, tree tests, controlled vocabularies

Discover and Define Digital Goals

Digital Strategy and Ideation

Bridging the gap between the present and the goals of the future is the heavy work of Digital Strategy. While ideas in and of themselves are never in short supply, the true effectiveness of Ideation work lies in identifying those that are viable and then crafting a clear set of actionable next steps.

Deliverables and tasks: competitive analyses, digital marketing audits, feature proposals, minimum viable prototypes, multi-channel digital strategy papers, ideation workshops, user research