Creative Direction, Content Strategy, & Wireframes

Telling Better Turkey Stories with Honeysuckle White

The Farmers' Stories Come First; the Food Second

Cargill was eager to reframe the narrative around their turkey brands. I lead a cross-functional digital team that tied into brand and commercial media efforts across the account.

Responsible for applying new identity system to the website and driving the owned property strategy through creative concepting, content strategy, wireframes, and art direction. The site strategy was executed primarily through a robustly filterable recipe section and semi-long-form farmer stories. These narrative pieces featured rich media and interactive elements - the execution of which I remain quite proud of.

Fig. 1: Croppedong form farmer story
Fig. 2: Cropped recipe page
Fig. 3: Cropped illustrative type value prop cards
Fig. 4: Cropped product detail

Full Case Study Coming Soon

In a world cluttered by confusing websites, too-clever apps, and mountains of unnavigable content, ensuring your customer can easily, effectively, and efficiently interact with your digital product makes a very real—and financial—difference.