Brand and Product Proof of Concepts

Creative Direction and UI Design for Pink Unicorn Advisors

Communicating Both a Common Identity with the LGBT+ Community and Financial Responsibility

The founders of Pink Unicorn Advisors, industry experts with a deep-seeded personal commitment to the underserved LGBT+ community, needed a tangible example of their brand and potential future product to reference in conversations with investors - and they needed those examples fast.

I conducted a set of stakeholder feedback sessions with initial market research to inform a set of high-level brand identity and UI mockups that the founders could use. This included desktop and mobile breakpoint mockups of a proof of concept homepage and sign up as well as a desktop concept of a client dashboard.

Fig. 1: Cropped desktop and mobile views of the homepage comps
Fig. 2: Cropped desktop and mobile views of the signup comps

Full Case Study Coming Soon

In a world cluttered by confusing websites, too-clever apps, and mountains of unnavigable content, ensuring your customer can easily, effectively, and efficiently interact with your digital product makes a very real—and financial—difference.