Research, Requirements Gathering, & Mobile UX

Logistics Industry Claims Android App

Demonstrating a Client's Commitment to Digital Transformation and Customer Transparency

I worked with client stakeholders of a transportation and logistics industry (consisting of directors, a senior VP, and a C-suite executive) to help modernize and improve their digital customer experience as part of a larger strategic effort. As part of those efforts, I did the research and UX/UI/IA work for the firm's first-ever mobile app.

As an MVP, its size and scope was limited, but served as an effective proof of concept for the executive team to derive value from in regards to improving the company's overall digital customer experience. Working from the now-created design system, IA docs, and these many design mockups, the in-house team will be able to move forward with the app on their own.

Full Case Study Coming Soon

In a world cluttered by confusing websites, too-clever apps, and mountains of unnavigable content, ensuring your customer can easily, effectively, and efficiently interact with your digital product makes a very real—and financial—difference.